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We have finally created a Guzang development association, Inc website thanks to our determination for development. The website shall help us preserve our cultural heritage through the storage of information about us, our village and traditional, socio-cultural and economic activities. We are proud of this initiative which of course could only be realized by us and not by other person. We need contributions for the website.


The creation of this website is a great realization of the many developments projects we shall embark on for ourselves and our village. A great measure of our slow development or sometimes a complete lack of development is due to poor identification of ourselves. Our true identity is hardly known or accepted. The pictures of our village in this website are therefore intended to let us perceive our real identity. There are not to and should never reflect how miserable people at home are. They represent our real identity


Knowing now our real identity shall help us accept the responsibility that is, to ameliorate this identity.  Some of us are blessed to live in developed countries likeBritain,United States of America, in big cosmopolitan towns inCameroon. The development we see, marvel at and enjoy is our identity to be, that God unveils to us. Those of us in this situation shall be the lead shapers of this identity to be.


Sometimes out of misconception of this identity to be, some of us use discouraging language giving the impression that we and our children will never be again at home, that we are helping those that are suffering. While we strongly disapprove of this discouraging language, we vehemently disagree with those at home who opine that our development is the sole responsibility of those in diaspora. Our development shall be the result of the collectively joint efforts of diaspora and home.


The idea of development seems at times new, strange and a burden to some people, yet it is always realized by the help of those divinely gifted values in man which are: desire, determination and hard work. Our ancestors, elders of Guzang village have proven these values through the creation of our market, construction of a dignified palace, the realization of the water project and the construction of a community hall and library etc. These acts which are not only legacies but also responsibilities to future generations have been our pride as a village and as individual sons and daughters of Guzang for decades. Unfortunately, we now live a vacuum of development since the 70`s because we have adopted the spirit of knowing where the stone falls before throwing. Our ancestors would not have created this solid market, HRH Gwan Mbanyamsig 1 and

his subchiefs would not have constructed a dignified palace, Pa J.A Ngwa, Pa D.T Mbah, Pa J.M. Tikum, Pa Alfred Mbah, Pa M.T. Munji, Pa S.K. Fon, Pa E.N. Sama, of late and others would not have realized the water project, community hall if they had exercised the spirit of temporary satisfaction.


The lesson of development that we have acquired is that development has never been the outcome of windfall. Development has never been manna from heaven. Development is the work of man for himself not for others. Therefore our own development shall be by us for us. This should be our working philosophy: “Development by us for us”. Benjamin Franklin to motivate Americans carryout developments said, <<Work as though you were to live a hundred years more; pray as though you were to die tonight>>. Other villages of Moghamo now look as or more than Guzang. We have that responsibility inspired by our ancestors and elders to make Guzang look more Guzang.


Unity and respect of our traditional institutions are fundamental and indispensable prerequisites for development. Let no passion, conflict, quarrel break our bonds of affection. We are brothers and sisters united by blood, soil and history. We belong to a traditional setting that deserves respect and honor.


God Bless us all        

President GUDA-USA          

Vincent A.Njong


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